Scott's Column
Scott's Column2017 Photography Wrap Up
Scott reviews his photography business for 2017, and takes a look what 2018 has in store. Want to know how much (or little) he made. Click to get the exact amount... to the penny. 

Car Corner
Car CornerQuick Look at Cars for Sale
Scott takes a very fast look at the cars he is most interested in... if he gives up on getting a classic.

Classic Car Watch
Dallas & Fort Worth (Classic Car Liquidators, Gateway & Streetside)
Scott takes a long drive to look at cars from 4 dealerships in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. He comes away with a few gems. You should click and take a look. 

Welcome! This is Scott's little corner of the World Wide Web. This site is mainly a place for me to rant about topics. Come here to read about computers, cars, photography and miscellaneous stuff. You can expect to find my strong opinions on whatever topic currently interests me. I do this through three semi-regular columns. 

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